All Diploma International Vocational Qualifications - IVQ

Diploma in Upstream Petroleum Operations (DUPO)

Upstream Petroleum Operations is mainly concerned with the exploration for and extraction of hydrocarbons, e.g. crude oil and natural gas. This program consists of course units that use creative and imaginative knowledge of Health Safety and environment, petroleum geology, Reservoir engineering, Mechanical Technology, Material Science, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Petroleum Engineering Chemistry as well as drilling engineering. All the above mentioned course units entail principles used to develop effective and safe solutions for exploration, recovery and transportation of hydrocarbon products trapped underground, onshore or offshore, and in very challenging environments.
The language of instruction for the programme shall English.

Diploma in Downstream Petroleum Operations (DDPO)

The DDPO programme is the first of its kind in Uganda. It demonstrates Downstream Petroleum Operations (DPO) – Processing, storage, transportation and marketing of crude petroleum and its products. This programme is intended to give learners a comprehensive understanding of the DPO and general knowledge of the entire Oil and Gas Value chain. The language of instruction for the Programme shall be English.