Uganda Petroleum Institute, Kigumba is a Public Tertiary Institution which came into existence following a directive from His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda in 2009. The Institute was later established under section 75 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions by Statutory Instrument No. 31 of 2011 (Establishment of Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba)

A global center of excellence in provision of education and training for the petroleum and allied sectors.

To provide a world class education in Geosciences and Petroleum engineering in order to support and advance the petroleum and energy sectors. The institute will be committed to academic excellence and fostering of an intellectual environment that leads to development of suitably trained graduates who can be future leaders in their respective fields of expertise globally.

The following core values and principles reflect our commitment to create a positive, supportive and enabling institutional environment conducive to the advancement of our vision and fulfillment of our mission. These values will guide our decisions and interpersonal interactions in serving Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba.


We are committed to upholding efficiency in a manner that demonstrates intensive academic preparation, specialized knowledge, and personal commitment to continually develop and improve skills. We shall execute operations in a serious, thoughtful and sustained ways and master specialized knowledge required to deliver UPIK’s Mission.


We are committed to upholding honesty, trust and accuracy in all our actions. Consequently, UPIK shall promote integrity in its dealings will all stakeholders (internal and external) and ensure that all its Policies, Guidelines, Procedures, Actions and Decisions are carried out with the highest integrity.

Safety and Sustainability

We are committed to upholding a strong Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) Culture. This shall be achieved by implementing practical aspects of environmental protection, Quality management and safety at work to make sure that no harm is caused.


We are committed to utmost honesty and transparency in dealings and shall take responsibility for our actions. This shall be demonstrated in decisions and resources undertaken to promote the image and reputation of the Institute as well as its members and students.

Team Work

We are committed to working in teams collectively towards a common goal. Consequently, this shall be through establishment and sustainability of working in Teams that will be formed to further the Institute’s mandate and Mission. Such teams shall be supported by adequate resources, a conducive environment and strategic guidance.


We are committed to treating one another and all stakeholders with due attention, respect and consideration in the same way we would wish to be treated. To promote creativity, staff shall value, honor and tolerate others, both in word and deed; regardless of whether or not they approve or share each other’s deeds and opinions. We accept the other person and do not judge them by their attitudes, behaviors or thoughts and do not try to change them.


We are committed to promoting innovations in teaching, research and outreach through the creation and/or adoption of new ideas to add value, promote competitiveness and sustainability. We shall place strong emphasis on research for development and innovation in all undertakings.

“Service with Excellence’’

The Governing Council

UPIK is established under the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 as amended. As a top governing organ of the Institution, Section 77 of the Act, creates a Governing Council which shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue or be sued in its name.

The Governing Council is Responsible for: ⎯

  • the direction of the administrative, financial, and academic affairs of the Institute,
  • the formulate the general policy of the Institute,
  • giving general guidelines to the administration and academic staff of the Institute on matters relating to the operations of the Institute,
  • all necessary decisions conducive to the fulfillment of the objects and functions of the Institute.

The current Governing Council is Chaired by Proscovia Nabanjja (Ms.) the C.E.O of the National Oil Company

The Principal

The Principal is the chief academic and administrative officer as well as the accounting officer of the Institute in accordance with Section 83 on the Act. The Principal is assisted by a Deputy Principal. The current Principal of the Institute is Bernard Ongodia (Mr.)

The Deputy Principal (VACANT)

The position of Deputy Principal is currently vacant and process of filling it is ongoing. The Deputy Principal assists the Principal in his duties and supervises the day-to-day implementation of training programmes.

The Institute Secretary

The position of Institute Secretary is currently vacant and process of filling it is ongoing. The Institute Secretary is Charged with the day-to-day Administrative matters, Human Resource affairs as well as offering legal counsel to the Institute.

The Academic Registrar

The Office of the Academic Registrar is charged with the admission, Assessment and Award of Qualifications. The curent Academic Registrar is James Bagaya (Mr.)