Alumni Tracer Programme

Dear UPIK Alumnus,
UPIK has established a system of tracing its graduates and getting feedback regarding the type of work, further study, or other activity you are/were involved in since you completed your study from the Institute. The information provided will assist the institution in planning future training needs and improving the course offerings. Results of this tracer study will only be presented in summary form and individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. We would, therefore, highly appreciate if you could complete the following questionnaire and return it to us, at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your kind cooperation and support.

Tracer Form
Please provide as much information as you can. Fields marked with (*) are very important and should not be left blank.

Governing Council Representation

UPIK Alumni are held in high regard as critical stakeholders in the development of the Institute. They are represented on the Governing Council in accordance with Section 77 (l) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act.

The Institute supports Old Students by offering the free or subsidised course whenever opportunities present. Several former student have also been seconded for placement whenever contacted by employers. Our secondments are strictly based on merit and a record of attitude.

All Alumni are encouraged to get involved in the Institute programmes geared towards making UPIK a Centre of choice for Oil and Gas Training and to maintain professional conduct for self improvement and upholding the quality of the Institute.

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