IVQ - Mechanical Maintenance

12 Months

This Mechanical Maintenance Technicians Certification Training curriculum has been specially built for UPIK based on the curriculum used by IFP Training to train and certify the future Oil & Gas Mechanical Maintenance Technicians all over the world. To comply with the UPIK blended curriculum development philosophy, the curriculum is further mapped to OPITO standards and assessment system. The OPITO reference document used for this aim is the OPITO Global Training Standards/Maintenance.

Training program explanation
This program has a complete duration of 270 effective training days in alternating periods between classroom courses and on-site work
– 26 weeks of theoretical classroom training
– 18 weeks (9 X 2) of On the Job Orientation (OJO) on-site training
– 10 weeks of On the Job Training (OJT) on-site training
– 1 week of preparation for final oral assessment
– 1 week for the oral assessment period

OJO is done on a work site in alternation with classroom modules, in order to acquire hands-on, site-specific knowledge and know-how:
– Identification and study of plant equipment
– Procedures and maintenance follow up with production and maintenance teams
– Familiarization with Mechanical Maintenance Technician job duties : On-the-go maintenance / Routine and
unusual / complex Maintenance

OJT is done for a period of 3 months after completion of both classroom and OJO phases, it consists of the practice of mechanical maintenance technician duties under supervision (Routine Maintenance, Unusual or complex Maintenance, etc)