Because up to now our student population is small, life at UPIK can be poetic as anyone would want it be! A very vivid example in point is that this is probably the only Institution, where staffs refer to their students by their first names, including the alumni, even during staff meetings!! We have been very fortunate that up to now no two students share a common first names and personality/academic characteristics. So when the staff discusses how best to counsel naughty Jimmy, we all know whom we are referring to. It’s the students who started this first-name culture and the staff had no choice but to follow suit!

It is therefore a place where genuine friendships and, hopefully, future partnerships among our alumni are formed.

Given the uniqueness of the O & G culture of “sharing to survive” in dangerous environments where sudden fire explosions and hydrogen sulphide eruptions can kill the entire Rig Crew in seconds, these nascent friendships are as necessary in the students’ training menu as the long equations used to determine pressure drops between the wellbore and the surrounding rock formations!