Uganda Petroleum Institute, Kigumba (UPIK) is government-owned for training in the Oil and Gas Sector.

The Institute was first established in February 2009 by a Presidential Directive issued to the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES). This was later followed by Statutory Instrument 31. The Institute was officially launched by His Excellency the President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on the 3rd October 2012

The Statutory Instrument 31 mandates UPIK to perform the following functions:

  • To train and conduct courses, seminars and workshops; and to create public awareness of the Oil and Gas Sector.
  • To provide Diploma and Pre-diploma programs of study as well as training in the fields of Applied Learning and Research; in Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, International Petroleum Business Management, Pipeline Engineering, Petroleum Geophysics, Petroleum Geosciences, Environmental Engineering and Environment Law.
  • To arrange and organize Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Study Groups in UPIK’s fields of operation.
  • To conduct education programs in matters relating to the Oil and Gas Sector.
  • To design, construct and develop educational and other materials and equipment related to the Oil and Gas Sector.
  • To conduct examinations and award Certificates and Diplomas to persons who have completed a prescribed study program and where necessary, to revoke such Awards.
  • To perform such other functions as may be directed by the Minister, on the advice of the National Council for Higher Education.

The first cohort of 28 students was admitted in 2010, for a 2-year Diploma programme in Petroleum Studies. After a review of the curriculum, subsequent cohorts after the second, were admitted to the Diploma in Petroleum Engineering. Five cohorts have so far been admitted, the latest being that of September 2017.